XIMA provides the new FORMCYCLE version 7

We have been waiting for this day for a long time and now the time has come. XIMA provides the new version of the form and process management software FORMCYCLE Galatea (V7). One of the most important new features is the workflow designer, which enables end-to-end graphical process automation and significantly increases the application possibilities for digitization projects.

In addition to the new workflow, a host of other features are included, such as

  • W3C compliant mode
  • form element refactoring
  • global counter component
  • new workflow actions
  • authorization protocol OAuth 2.0 for external users
  • new system placeholders
  • plugin interfaces

You can find all information about the current version in the release notes.

Small FAQ about the new version

Can we perform the update to V7 ourselves?
Yes. The update is analogous to previous update. However, we also offer support services and workshops on these topics.

Are there new minimum requirements?
Yes. Until now Java/Open JDK 8 and Tomcat 8 was enough, but from now on it must be Java/Open JDK 11 and Apache Tomcat 9. Another important note: Apache Tomcat 10 is not supported yet!

Have the hardware requirements changed?
No. If your requirements have not changed, the existing hardware/virtual environment can continue to be used.

Will my existing form projects and settings still work after the update?
Yes. Form projects created in V6 will also run under version 7. If an "old" form project is opened, the "old" workflow configuration will also continue to be available.

Will the workflow of my existing projects be migrated automatically?
No. The new workflow functionalities are only available for new V7 projects. An automatic migration of the workflow from V6 to V7 is currently not possible. There will be a free online usergroup workshop on this topic. The date is end of August 2021 and here is the registration.

What about frontend servers, data sources, user management, etc.? Do any adjustments have to be made here?
No. All settings remain compatible and work as they do in V7.

What about plugins and widgets?
Standard plugins and widgets need to be updated. If you have created your own plugins or widgets, please contact our support.

Do the old license keys still work?
No. Starting with version 7, licenses are issued by a central licensing server. Please contact the support or your contact person at XIMA before the update to arrange the license generation. Without the new license the update will not work!

Where does the name Galatea come from?
All FORMCYCLE versions have a name in addition to the version number. This is derived from the Neptune moons:

V4 = Naiad
V5 = Thalassa
V6 = Despina
V7 = Galatea
V8 = Larissa
V9 = Proteus


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