Release: New online appointment management is now available in FORMCYCLE

When designing the new online appointment management, it was important to us that the new feature can be assigned to the guiding principle of our form management software: Comprehensive, effective - but without much effort and programming knowledge.
Sophisticated & intuitive system for creating appointments
The range of functions deals in detail with the requirements of the users: With online appointment management, all sectors in which appointment assignment plays a role receive an effective tool for appointment management, e.g. to be able to comply with official contact requirements for minimum distances and minimum occupancy. Examples show how efficiently the new online appointment management works.
Managing appointments can be so easy
There are just 3 videos online on the website: "Schedule appointments", "Edit appointments" and "Evaluate appointments". It takes less than 10 minutes in total, then the functions are clearly explained. An appointment management system that convinces with an individual workflow (e.g. document generation, e-mail communication), all data from entry to storage is securely encrypted, offers extensive configuration options and evaluations, is GDPR-compliant and easily integrates into existing systems can be integrated. The new feature of FORMCYCLE - online appointment management.
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