Free FORMCYCLE cloud packages for NGOs and associations that help in the crisis

Use digital forms & workflows easily and flexibly

The current corona crisis has turned our lives upside down. Health is a top priority, but economic processes cannot and must not stand still in the long run. While digital communication was an important component before the crisis, it is essential in times of COVID-19 and the requirements of the "home office".

Not only, but currently because of the Corona crisis in particular, our software for creating and processing online forms and the fast and effective provision of them on websites or on the intranet is so important. Intuitively learnable - without extensive training - without programming knowledge - without pitfalls - but with all the ingredients that daily communicative exchange with each other requires.

We would like to provide a free account to all organizations and associations that are currently helping in times of crisis and require online forms.

All information about the packages can be found on our FORMCYCLE website.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with contact forms, forms for requesting help, checklists, official specialist procedures or approval processes - FORMCYCLE can make any type of digital data acquisition and further processing easier for you. Of course, the topics of security and functionality with z. B. Double opt-in, electronic signatures and responsive representation on all devices.

FORMCYCLE can be integrated into your existing system, supports you in the design of your workflows (simple modular principle), brings order to the inbox and facilitates further processing. And all this without extensive training!

Our team will be happy to provide you with further information.


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