FORMCYCLE - the "digital toolbox" for Bavaria

The State Bavaria has recognized that the implementation of the Online Access Act (OZG) is only possible in the short term through close cooperation. Therefore, the State Ministry for Digital started a digital laboratory with the innovation ring of the Bavarian District Association at the beginning of 2019. In the joint project "Digital Toolbox", FORMCYCLE is used as a technological basis to replace paper forms and to enable application data to be processed without media discontinuity. 7 pilot districts have implemented online forms for corresponding processing processes with FORMCYCLE and can now make them available to their citizens via the BayernPortal.

Digital Laboratory Bavaria: Project "Digital Toolbox"

  • 7 pilot districts each implemented 3 administrative services as online forms
  • A total of 21 forms are provided via the BayernPortal
  • Import of existing forms from other authorities possible
  • The technical basis of the project: the form management software FORMCYCLE

Future efforts after the project phase for the next few years:

  • Exchange of forms between the authorities
  • Demand and promote knowledge exchange among each other
  • Find common new solutions for OZG questions

Background: OZG - the Online Access Act - as the legal basis

Digitization now affects a large number of our areas of life and should not stop at administration. The aim is to enable citizens and companies to process their concerns with the public administration easily, flexibly and from anywhere. The foundations for this have been anchored in law in the “Act to improve online access to administrative services” - OZG for short. The law obliges the federal government, states and municipalities to offer all administrative services online via administrative portals by the end of 2022. The Free State of Bavaria wants to offer the most important administrative services for citizens and companies as online services by the end of 2020. The goal is: online, simple, secure.

FORMCYCLE - the digital toolbox

The FORMCYCLE product is the ideal tool for implementing online forms and processing application data without media discontinuity.

  • Completely web-based and encrypted throughout
  • Integration of the basic services of Bavaria, integration of BayernID
  • Available in the BayernPortal and on your own website
  • Media discontinuity, digital processing of the application data (e.g. filing in the e-file)
  • FIM standards can be integrated directly
  • Also for use on the intranet (e.g. business trip applications, applications, etc.)

Use funding from the Free State of Bavaria and become part of the project group

The Bavarian State Ministry of Finance and Homeland has published guidelines for promoting the provision of online services in the municipal sector. The purpose of the funding is to increase the range of administrative services offered by the Bavarian authorities as online services.

Take the chance to become part of the FORMCYCLE User Group and let the acquisition costs support you.


FORMCYCLE is eligible:

  • Connection of Bayern ID
  • Publication in BayernPortal
  • Use of other basic services of the BayernPortal (post basket, e-payment) is possible
  • Also optimized for viewing on mobile devices (responsive)
  • Offering at least 20 online services: use the 21 ready-made forms on the exchange platform directly for your district

Information on the funding program

Download info (PDF)